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Tri-Valley Luring Biotech Firms!

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Considering a move to the Tri-Valley?  If you wear goggles and a lab coat to work—or  work less directly with a lab— the Tri -Valley is beckoning you!  Biotech firms are opting for a bigger square foot bang for their plentiful bucks.  And they’ve found that in the Tri-Valley.

The push to move here is threefold.  (1)  Lawrence Livermore and Sandia National Laboratories are both conveniently located here.  This provides easy access to fresh lab samples and ample research opportunities.  (2)  Rental rates run $14 per square foot, about half of the going rates for South San Francisco.  (3)  Access to a well educated work force.

Transplant Genomics— a startup building noninvasive transplant tests– has raised $10 million dollars so far.  Originally located in Brookline, Mass., the company now has a satellite in Pleasanton and CEO Stan Ross says, “There’s a talent pool to draw on here”

The laser focus of biotech talent in the Tri-Valley is so powerful that the Bay Area Council published a report called “The Tri-Valley Rising.” According to the report, from 2007-2014, the Tri-Valley experienced a 66% increase in commuters heading to work in Silicon Valley each day.  In addition, “In 2012, 886 patents were registered to primary inventors located in the Tri-Valley, representing significant growth over the last 20 years.”

With all the jobs being created in the Tri-Valley, now is opportune time to set down your roots here. You’ll be in good company!

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American Dream: On Order Now!

Just imagine:  the hum of the heater warming up your sleek interiors as your Nest adjusts to your personal settings.  You roll up the driveway in your Tesla turning heads as you go. Plopping down in on the sofa, you wrestle with the kids for the remote as the smell of Vindaloo wafts toward you from the kitchen.  It’s the modern chic spin on the American Dream.  And now its within reach for the Millenials who envision it.

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Some say that the American Dream is aging with the Boomers.  Others insist that Millenials require two salaries to invest in housing.  With unemployment slipping and many Millenials embracing tech careers, neither of these myths hold up.  Unemployment in California is now 7% the lowest since the beginning of the Great Recession in 2008. Meanwhile, the average entry level computer programmer in Fremont, California makes upwards of $70,000 per year.

Now is a great time to invest in a home for two primary reasons: temporary slack in mortgage rates and buy vs rent savings.

  • Mortgage Rates Down NOW

In 2014 alone, mortgage rates fell from 4.5% to 3.8%.  They are at a long time low, so it’s a great time to enter the housing market.  Act quickly, though!  The Fed is likely raising the federal fund rate midyear—making it more expensive to borrow money.

  • Buy vs Rent Analysis

Meanwhile,  Trulia’s Rent vs Buy report – carefully itemizing costs for both buyers and renters over a seven year time period – asserts that buying is 38% cheaper then renting.  These two conditions combine to make this year a favorable time to buy a home and indeed many Millenials are entering the housing market in 2015.

Don’t be left in the dust!  Or rather—don’t be left in the musty fumes of your traffic and smoke infested apartment!  View my brand new homes in Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore, etc or give me a call:  Varsha Upadhye (925) 339-8090.  So that when you order the American Dream, I’ll find you a modern chic twist.

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Dream Home Buying for the Stylish Millenial

A splash of burgundy accenting the walls for enlightenment. A bright interior illuminated by programmable LED lights to uplift spirits. Expansive interiors to inspire socialization. Comfortable pintrest chic on a budget. These are a few of Millenials’ favorite things. Millenials are finally entering the home buying market. With 700,000 new jobs created in 2014, 2015 may be the year that Millenials contribute their bucks and their bids for beauty to the housing market. Influential factors include: a drop in private mortgage rates from 5-3% and government efforts to ease credit requirements. [1]

dalmally living room

With renting nightmares and dreams of equity dancing in their peripheral vision, Millenials are beginning to see the perks of laying down their loot in a permanent abode. 75% of surveyed millenials say they want to own a home. Yet many still face barriers to buying. Chief among these is the looming specter of student debt. Many millenials are entering the job market later. Consequently, having the luxury to save and financially plan may not come as naturally. Here are five home buying hacks for the Millennial investor.

  • Student Loans and Mortgages

It is possible to own a home and grapple with student debt at once. Lowering the debt to income ratio is key. Oftentimes lenders will accept debt as long as the debt to income ratio remains below 43%. So long as your salary is expected to increase each year, US News recommends the graduated plan for student debt. This will initially lower your monthly student debt payment, making the elusive 43% more attainable.

  • FHA Loans

FHA loans can also be a good option for Millennial buyers. According to Mortgage101[2], FHA loans are rife with benefits. Compared to private mortgages, the FHA only requires a 620 credit score instead of 720. There is some flexibility with down payments. Only 3% of loan value needs to be paid at closing. In addition, interest rates are lower and the debt to income ratio only needs to be 50%.

  • Education

HowStuffWorks[3] recommends taking a class on mortgages and the home buying process for first time buyers. Indeed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may mandate buyer education. Non profits and cities often offer free classes and word of mouth is a great way to access insider home buying savvy.

  • Financial Trial Run

Buying a home often requires a lifestyle change to afford mortgage payments. By putting together a ball park of monthly home buying expenses and testing out the livability of this dent in free spending, you can get a good indicator of whether you are ready to make the investment.

  • Agent as Buffer

Once you are ready to make the decision to buy a home, securing a superior agent can ease the process and act as a buffer between an emotional life change and wheeling and dealing with a seller.

Want the rich hues, cozy study spots, and party pad of your dreams in one place? It may be within reach. Search HERE for some prime real estate to set your fancy alight.



Foolproof Your Home– Midday Burglaries on the Rise

With burglaries on the rise in the Tri-Valley — and Pleasanton in particular, homes are becoming all you can eat buffets as thieves help themselves to cars, possessions.  More and more robberies are occurring between the hours of 10 am and 4pm.  Burglars dress the part, donning business suits and offering up stories about being door to door salespeople or home improvement technicians.  They may have all the trappings of the trade—like a set of tools and a working knowledge of the basics of ventilation.  However, beware of leaving them alone in your house.  Stories are circulating about such seemingly formal business transactions becoming shady burglaries –complete with getaway cars—which, in some cases might be yours!

With police focusing on more high profile crimes, robberies are infamously hard to track.  Hence– if you would like your belongings to remain family style for your household and not a cook out for thieves it’s imperative to take protective measures:  in advance.  Here are three “no brainer” rules to follow to ensure that when you bring home the bacon, it stays in the kitchen.

  • Use A Referral System When Hiring Home Improvement Workers

referralsWord of mouth is a great resource when hiring home improvement technicians.  Before investing in an unknown entity, check known websites like Yelp that can give you a good sense of a professional’s track record.  If they have a history built up over time, that’s a good sign they are a legitimate business.  Better yet, ask your friends and neighbors who they have hired for similar services.  If they were satisfied with the business transaction it’s likely that you will be too!

  • Secure Your Garage

This may sound like a given, but occurrences of garage-entry theft are on the rise.  If you’re taking a walk around your neighborhood, bring an extra garage door opener with you!  Come home to relax, not to fret about what is missing.

  • Install a Home Security System – and Save!

home security

According to Safewise many insurance companies offer discounts on your homeowner’s policy when you have a home security system installed. ADT offers our readers a discount.** The statistics are telling.  According to,

“Most convicted burglars (90%) said they want to avoid homes with alarm systems and said if they did encounter an alarm, they would abandon the attack on the home.

It’s estimated that 74% of uncompleted intrusions can be credited to an audible alarm.”

All things considered, Pleasanton still has an infamously low crime rate.  Yet taking precautionary measures can protect your home.


** Mention Varsha Upadhye to Tess Harris, Regional Sales Director at (ADT Certified) Safe Haven Security within the next 30 days for a $100 gift card that can be used toward your home security system.